Can one recover from the “just a friend” syndrome?

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Is it possible to have a friend that cares for you, and likes you, and who still needs to sort out his life who decides that the whole “lets just be friends” card is the best, really turn back into a relationship? I know things look grim and I know that it is unspoken. But is it possible to rekindle the flame that’s there? It might be… But the problem is just that, his life isn’t sorted out. I would like to have hope, because I would love to have myself in a relationship and I would like to be. The one that has someone to cuddle with and talk too. I need that in my life. But as long as the ex is in the picture ill be just that… A friend.

They haven’t slept together in almost a year…and they haven’t even lived together in 6 months. To me that sounds like the relationship is done. Beat off the dead horse! But for some reason, that 8 year relationship … Like all those invested in them for that long have a tendency to do. But that’s my question…

As unclear as that is, my quests is this:

Can someone who you find a connection with recover from the “just friends slump”. Is the whole just friends scenario usually one that ruins all chances of intimacy? A relationship? Is the a good side of this assuming that he ends up breaking up with the ex?

In the given scenario above, if someone moves out of a place, they move 3 hours south and shack up with parents, get a new job and new friends, and begins to see other people, and doesn’t like the company of the person he left, and doesn’t even have sex with them…. Does that sound like a breakup??


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