Missed connections and bad planning

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

So, here’s the thing, what happens when you, a single male in his mid 20’s gets the chance to meet someone that you think is finally, for the first time in a long time, in your league and you get that chance, for the first time in a long time, to actually meet them? You seize the moment right?

I had it all planned out, I was going to go to work instead of my sister at my dads truck. When 9:26 PM rolled along, I was going to stroll up to the bar tending booth, with my hair perfected, my. Loathing immaculate, my cologne enigmatic, and my attitude set to stun. I had it all planned out to a “T”. I knew the exact dialog and words. I had rehearsed it many times before with my good friend (who thought it was a really amazing plan) and I had gone through every scenario that I knew I couldn’t fail in my conquest.

Admittedly, I was feeling like such an 11 year old girl because I never planned a chance encounter before but I ran with the ball anyway. So there I was, Ricardo Gonzalez.

Ricardo Gonzalez: the dapper dresser.
Ricardo Gonzalez: the enigmatic performer.
Ricardo Gonzalez: the local celebrity.
Ricardo Gonzalez: the guy who gets what he wants.

Tonight I was Ricardo Gonzalez: the chance encounter Cinderella.
And I was going to play that fucking Cinderella card to perfection. So I carried on with the plan. After countless times of rehearsing it flawlessly, after going though the motions until it became second nature I fucked it up at step 1.

I never expected the guy to NOT work that day.


So there I was staring at the goddamned bar all day from my dads truck waiting for a chance to see the target 7:00PM rolled around…then 8:00. Nothing. 9:00….9:30….. Still nothing. So I formulated a plan to see what’s up.

“Shea, want a beer?” the perfect cover. I was going to investigate in person why the man of mystery was not present so I did. I took my ass over to the bar and asked the girl about the crush. Then I got my answer…WHO? Ok….


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