Meeting someone?

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Where to begin,kinda a lot has happened and also kinda a lot of little! I think I might also be in a large dilemma without question,but allow me to backtrack here.

I met someone.

Or at least, I’d like to think I did? It happened kinda randomly and it happened kinda mysteriously but it’s been a little bit over 2 months since. I met this person and everything has been great. I don’t think we are actually dating at this point, but I see that as of right now there might be some potential to do so! And this opportunity excites me. We met online actually, and it was a pretty good meetup, we hit it off right away and we ended up hanging around all of my friends rather quickly. Needless to say, we really got this ball moving,
Ugh it’s so difficult to explain it! He so ” lets play it by ear” and I’m so”lets stick to the schedule” that it’s not even funny. But I am absolutely diggin this situation.

More at 11.


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