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Can one recover from the “just a friend” syndrome?

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Is it possible to have a friend that cares for you, and likes you, and who still needs to sort out his life who decides that the whole “lets just be friends” card is the best, really turn back into a relationship? I know things look grim and I know that it is unspoken. But is it possible to rekindle the flame that’s there? It might be… But the problem is just that, his life isn’t sorted out. I would like to have hope, because I would love to have myself in a relationship and I would like to be. The one that has someone to cuddle with and talk too. I need that in my life. But as long as the ex is in the picture ill be just that… A friend.

They haven’t slept together in almost a year…and they haven’t even lived together in 6 months. To me that sounds like the relationship is done. Beat off the dead horse! But for some reason, that 8 year relationship … Like all those invested in them for that long have a tendency to do. But that’s my question…

As unclear as that is, my quests is this:

Can someone who you find a connection with recover from the “just friends slump”. Is the whole just friends scenario usually one that ruins all chances of intimacy? A relationship? Is the a good side of this assuming that he ends up breaking up with the ex?

In the given scenario above, if someone moves out of a place, they move 3 hours south and shack up with parents, get a new job and new friends, and begins to see other people, and doesn’t like the company of the person he left, and doesn’t even have sex with them…. Does that sound like a breakup??



Monday, December 31st, 2012

Really Bank of America! You approved me for a credit card with a $0.00 credit line!!! Why send me a card of you aren’t going to put a balance on it for me but I have a 5,000.00 credit limit?

But why is it that I have a $0.00 balance on it?? Why send me a card if you aren’t going to fund me credit.


Meeting someone?

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

Where to begin,kinda a lot has happened and also kinda a lot of little! I think I might also be in a large dilemma without question,but allow me to backtrack here.

I met someone.

Or at least, I’d like to think I did? It happened kinda randomly and it happened kinda mysteriously but it’s been a little bit over 2 months since. I met this person and everything has been great. I don’t think we are actually dating at this point, but I see that as of right now there might be some potential to do so! And this opportunity excites me. We met online actually, and it was a pretty good meetup, we hit it off right away and we ended up hanging around all of my friends rather quickly. Needless to say, we really got this ball moving,
Ugh it’s so difficult to explain it! He so ” lets play it by ear” and I’m so”lets stick to the schedule” that it’s not even funny. But I am absolutely diggin this situation.

More at 11.

Missed connections and bad planning

Saturday, December 8th, 2012

So, here’s the thing, what happens when you, a single male in his mid 20’s gets the chance to meet someone that you think is finally, for the first time in a long time, in your league and you get that chance, for the first time in a long time, to actually meet them? You seize the moment right?

I had it all planned out, I was going to go to work instead of my sister at my dads truck. When 9:26 PM rolled along, I was going to stroll up to the bar tending booth, with my hair perfected, my. Loathing immaculate, my cologne enigmatic, and my attitude set to stun. I had it all planned out to a “T”. I knew the exact dialog and words. I had rehearsed it many times before with my good friend (who thought it was a really amazing plan) and I had gone through every scenario that I knew I couldn’t fail in my conquest.

Admittedly, I was feeling like such an 11 year old girl because I never planned a chance encounter before but I ran with the ball anyway. So there I was, Ricardo Gonzalez.

Ricardo Gonzalez: the dapper dresser.
Ricardo Gonzalez: the enigmatic performer.
Ricardo Gonzalez: the local celebrity.
Ricardo Gonzalez: the guy who gets what he wants.

Tonight I was Ricardo Gonzalez: the chance encounter Cinderella.
And I was going to play that fucking Cinderella card to perfection. So I carried on with the plan. After countless times of rehearsing it flawlessly, after going though the motions until it became second nature I fucked it up at step 1.

I never expected the guy to NOT work that day.


So there I was staring at the goddamned bar all day from my dads truck waiting for a chance to see the target 7:00PM rolled around…then 8:00. Nothing. 9:00….9:30….. Still nothing. So I formulated a plan to see what’s up.

“Shea, want a beer?” the perfect cover. I was going to investigate in person why the man of mystery was not present so I did. I took my ass over to the bar and asked the girl about the crush. Then I got my answer…WHO? Ok….