That Cooking Feeling Pt. II

Friday, May 18th, 2012

So, I know it’s been a while since I last posted on this, and I swear I will do so more often, but I decided to come back and revisit a post I did about a month ago.

Well, I finally met the guy. In El Portal. While working at my dads taco truck. But that was it. I was hoping to get out of the truck long enough to say hi to him after my dads girlfriend took his order. That had made my day and I was so ecstatic that it had made my day awesome. I mean, come one… I got to stare at his butt all day looking out my serving window as I watched him serve beer. (He actually makes a really cute bartender) But When I finally got to leave my post and take a breather, I pulled out my wallet and made my way towards the makeshift bar and prepared my speech that I had practiced and since shelved for our first botched encounter. I had to fight my way to the bar and avoid the crowing of people and kids all wanting to get beers and sodas, but I finally made it.

Then I got served by a female bartender. just my friggin luck! I looked around to find him and nothing! I couldn’t find him, and to add salt to injury, it was the same girl who gave me the crazy look the first time I asked about him. But this time I had played it smooth. I casually asked about him and she had told me that he had gone home. Apparently , between 5 PM to 9-PM there is a need to have 2 shifts at a casual gathering event. I was floored!  I will never be able to meet the guy and he only works less that 100 feet from me! This is so frustrating. The guy knows who I am and he knows where I work. So from now on, if he really wants to meet me, then he should come to me.

That is all.

damnit, I guess I could always try again in 2 weeks.


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